Cost down solutions & Long-term supply

Evergreen’s abundant purchasing experience, the powerful global parity system and the joint partnership, with large-scale EMS factories, have resulted in the company securing the best prices for more and more of its products. As a consequence clients can enjoy cost reduction in their regular orders.

Reliable long-term supplier

Evergreen boasts widespread and steady purchasing channels and an advanced global parity system. Evergreen can also offer continuous supplies, provides competitive prices and accept regular orders. As Evergreen can rapidly and effectively source opportunities to reduce costs for specific electronic components and increase economic efficiency, Evergreen is, beyond question, your first choice.

Master lead time to seize cost effective opportunities

With abundant experiences in the industry, Evergreen pays close attention to stocks, price and development trends of electronic components across the globe. Evergreen’s analysis of the global spot market will enable you to seize the best market opportunities and buy our best-selling products at a lower cost. Using Evergreen, you will be able to buy materials at the optimum time to maximize benefits.

Join Evergreen’s Cost-saving Plan

If you wish to reduce your current purchase costs and receive continuous support, please contact us immediately. We will offer cost optimization services for your BOM.

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